Monthly Archives: November 2013

Update: Wendy’s and United Dairy Farmers, Inc. Settle “Frosty” Lawsuit

I previously wrote about Wendy’s International Inc. filing a trademark infringement suit against the United Dairy Farmers, Inc. targeting its sale of dairy dessert products under the names “Frosties” and “Frosty Malts.”  Now, Law360 reports that the parties have resolved the lawsuit with United Dairy agreeing to cease selling products under the “Frosty” name by November 30, 2013.  Please see the complete write-up here.

Update: Washington Voters Say No to GMO Labeling

See Seattle Times report here.

Voters to Decide Fate of Washington’s GMO Labeling Ballot Initiative

Tomorrow is election day in Washington State with ballot initiative 522 being the new focus of the GMO labeling debate.  The initiative would require food products with GMO’s to be labeled beginning July 1, 2015, for sale at retail.  Exemptions exist for alcoholic beverages, food sold in restaurants and milk and meat from animals that ate GMO feed.  The Seattle Times has excellent “Pro” and “Con” articles on this issue.   Please take a read.