ILR: Unprecedented Surge in Consumer Class Action Suits Against Food Manufacturers

The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (“ILR,” an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) has released a new report called The New Lawsuit Ecosystem: Trends, Targets and Players that includes a section devoted to “Food Class Action Litigation.”  ILR’s stated mission is to  “restore balance, ensure justice, and maintain integrity within the civil legal system.”  And ILR pulls no punches in asserting that the recent surge in food class action litigation is “lawyer driven” and generally involves questionable accusations.

Some groups use these lawsuits to pursue their own political agendas when they cannot achieve their goals by legitimate means through elected officials or regulatory agencies.  Others are just looking for the next “deep pocket.” While some plaintiffs’ lawyers win lucrative fees, consumers are saddled with higher prices and fewer choices as a result of litigation by the self-anointed food police

Putting aside the strong viewpoint, the report is an excellent summary of the “unprecedented surge in consumer class actions against food  manufacturers.”  Please see the complete report here.

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