UPDATE: Frito-Lay Loses “Battle of the Bowl Chips”

Last year, I posted about the lawsuit brought by Frito-Lay against Ralcorp which accused the private labeling company of infringing Frito-Lay’s federally-registered trademark for bowl-shaped tortilla chips by manufacturing  MEDALLION BOWLZ tortilla chips on behalf of Wal-Mart. 

Now, a jury in Plano, Texas has sided with Ralcorp, which is now owned by ConAgra.   “We are pleased with the jury’s decision in our favor,” ConAgra said in a statement.  “We believe private brands offer a strong value to consumers, and we are delighted to bring terrific choices to shoppers.  We will continue to develop and make distinctive, high-quality food like this chip.”

Frito-Lay said that it was disappointed in the ruling and is weighing its legal options.

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