Part 2 of My Front-of-Package Labeling Overview for

Please check out the final part of my Front-of-Package Labeling Overview for, which focuses on FOP labeling systems.  On this subject, I conclude:

As for the FDA, given its limited resources and preference for industry-led (ground-up) efforts, it is unlikely to take any formal action until it has exhaustively reviewed results of the Facts-Up-Front campaign (and, in all likelihood, Wal-Mart’s program) over the next 12-18 months.

The remainder of 2012 will provide tantalizing clues for the future of food labeling.  Will Wal-Mart’s “Great for You” seal influence purchasing decisions or motivate food companies to change product formulations?  Is the “Facts up Front” campaign sufficiently robust to help consumers make healthier choices?  No matter what happens, though, the use of FOP claims will not likely diminish and will continue to be a subject of much discussion and criticism.  Stay tuned.

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