Quoted Today in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Regarding “All Natural” Claims.

I was happy to be quoted in today’s edition of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin for an article titled “Food Makers Face Litigation Due To ‘Natural’ Claims.”   Among the quotes, I mention:

  • “Once you aren’t dealing with a from-the-earth product, it is difficult to draw the line between natural and ‘non-natural’ when describing food products on store shelves.”
  • “The main issue for the court is determining if that is misleading for a reasonable consumer,” Ter Molen said, adding that courts “are reluctant to get involved in this determination because they think this is either an inquiry that’s right up the FDA’s alley or a political question that should be resolved by the legislature.” 

 Here’s a link to the article (and yes, reprint rights were obtained from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin).

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