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What You Should Know About Face Masks

As is known, the use of masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But while it seems that you can currently find masks in every store, not all masks offer the same protection. If changing public health guidelines leaves you confused about which type of mask is right for you, you're not alone. 

Here's what you need to know about face masks and COVID-19:

There are four common types of COVID-19 prevention masks: cloth masks, disposable masks for medical procedures (also known as surgical or "loop" masks), KN95 respirators, and N95 respirators. You can also purchase a halo face mask from

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While all masks and respirators offer some level of protection against COVID-19, and any mask is better than not wearing a mask, properly fitted respirators provide the highest level of protection when worn correctly.

According to the CDC, loose-fitting face masks offer the least amount of protection. While multi-layer fine-mesh face masks can be more effective, disposable medical masks and KN95 respirators offer greater protection when properly fitted.

The CDC also recommends that you wear the best-fitting and most durable protective mask. Whether you choose to wear a mask or a respirator, it is important that it fits your face without gaps, covers your nose and mouth, and is comfortable enough to wear as long as needed. Your mask or respirator is less effective if it is loose or if you have to take it off frequently.