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Various Uses Of Paracord

The parachute cord can be purchased at most Army Surplus store and have various uses. I'll list a few ideas here on how to use it.550 Parachute cord is much more powerful than the knock-off brands and has many tiny fibers in the outer shell.

However, You can purchase unique paracord accessories from the paracord store.

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Uses of Paracord are given below:

  1. Make a bowstring for bow survive.
  2. Use the inner string to attach the arrowhead to the arrow.
  3. Use the inner straps to make fishing rods.
  4. Make meshes. You can use the inner fibers to form a snare for smaller animals and birds.
  5. Use of fiber in your parachute cord to weave small nets to catch small fish and small fish.
  6. Make a shoelace from parachute straps you if one of your shoestring breaks.
  7. Use your parachute cord and a piece of leather to make a sling for hunting small game.
  8. Make a bird Ojibwa trap of parachute cord inner string and sticks.
  9. Make use of Apache Throwing Stars outer skin of parachute cord and two sticks.

You can now purchase paracord that's been made to bracelets, necklaces, key chains, watches and other accessories. These have turned out to be quite popular with crisis response teams and other security employees, for apparent reasons.