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What To Give For A First Wedding Anniversary Gift

So, you have spent a heap of cash on the most fantastic wedding ever, invited all your family and friends, celebrated in style and had the most romantic holiday ever.

A wedding is the most special day of your life and after the first year together you will soon be faced with the dilemma of a finding a suitable marriage anniversary gifts.

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Most people say the first year of marriage is the best, all those new experiences, finally being together all the time and the simple fun of being called Mr and Mrs. However, realistically quite often the first year is in fact the hardest! Getting used to sharing a home not to mention the day to day stresses that life throws you.

With this in mind I personally think your 1st wedding anniversary is the most important and therefore choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift is essential.

The traditional wedding gift given for the first year of marriage is paper. Depending on the type of relationship you have and what your partner enjoys will determine the best possible anniversary gift you could choose.

A romantic wedding anniversary gift that is made from paper could be a romantic novel, wedding day certificates, money, tickets to a show or concert, a wedding memory book or even a poem created by a poet and printed on paper of your choice.

For any anniversary how the gift is presented and given is the most important aspect. If your gift is for a show or a concert then take your partner for a romantic meal and when she thinks this is her gift surprise her with the tickets.