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Acid Wash For A Brighter And Cleaner Pool

The maintenance of an acid wash pool involves removing plaster from walls. This is done to expose the new plaster below. Regular pool owners will still use an acid wash to brighten and whiten their pool. It should be used only when necessary.

A professional can clean your pool with acid. It is possible to do it yourself with the help of others. It can be dangerous to use pool acid. For regular pool washing, you can buy the cleaner online at

Buy Specialised Acid Wash

1. Make sure to have protective clothing and chemical goggles before you start. It is important to note that acid wash can only be used on concrete pools, not vinyl covers.

2. Since acid is very dangerous, it would be a good idea to have at least two people with you while the process takes place.

3. Do not add acid to the water. This is a simple rule to follow when mixing the two. To pour the acid, you can use a small container.

4. After everything has been set, you can drain the pool. Make sure you clean the pool after draining it. While you wait for the water to drain completely, it is a good idea to scrub the sides.

5. After the pool has drained completely, you can begin the acid wash pool cleaning process. The mixture should be poured down the sides. To spray the pool walls, you can also use your garden hose.

6. Do not scrub your walls immediately after pouring the acid. Allow the acid to work for 30 seconds to one minute. The acid will have acted, and you can then begin scrubbing. Once you are done with one area, rinse thoroughly before moving on to the next.

7. It is a good idea to divide the pool into different sections for wetting, cleaning, and rinsing. This will make it easier to maintain your acid wash pool. You must cover the entire pool. Make sure that the pool is completely covered.