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The Facts about Laptop Batteries

A laptop battery is what makes your laptop run. Without it, you will not be able to use your laptop unless plugged-in directly into an outlet. Think of the battery like the gasoline that fuels your car. These days, batteries are made of lithium ion and have an average power of about 4 hours.

Unlike gasoline though, your laptop battery will decrease in the long term. Why does this happen? There are two facts that affect this; one is that notebook batteries today last for an average of 300 recharges, and second these batteries have a lifespan of 3 years. You can also look for 3000mah+ lithium ion batteries online.

If you go to these limits then your battery would not operate at its peak performance. It will be time then to get a replacement battery. To make the most out of your notebook battery, here are some tips on how to prolong its life.

First, because we are limited to an average of 300 charges, when you reload make sure to do it when your battery is nearly empty so as to do a complete charge. Next, try to minimize using your hardware.

This example does not change your LCD for maximum brightness level and running only important programs when computing on the battery. The more programs you open the more power your CPU must draw from the battery. Also, try to cut back on some unimportant hardware usage.