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Know About Some Of The Automatic Pool Cover Benefits

Protect Your Pool From the Elements

Automatic pool covers also act as a PROTECTIVE COVER when on the swimming pool. They keep such things as leaves and other organic matter out of the swimming pool; this is important because when organic matter gets into your pool and starts to decay it can wreak havoc on the pool water chemistry, not to mention it looks bad. 

It also blocks blowing sand, dirt, and other things from getting into the water so it is ready to use the next time you want to swim.

An electric pool covers from acting as a WINTER COVER for when the swimming pool is closed during the colder months is another function that an automatic pool cover provides. It helps block the sun’s rays from eating up the chlorine in the swimming pool and this keeps the pool water from looking like pea green soup when you open up after the winter. 


An automatic pool cover will prevent children, toddlers, non-swimmers, and pets from accidental drowning.

It performs the function of a SAFETY NET should someone accidentally fall into the automatic pool cover while it is on the pool. What could have been a tragedy has been avoided and the person who fell in is no worse off than a person who falls onto a water bed. And just like that trapeze artist that falls into the safety net during the circus show, they simply crawl off the device totally unharmed and ready to get on again with what they were doing before they fell.

But maybe outside of safety, its most important function may be that of a THERAPIST. Its ease of use makes it so convenient that it completely takes the stress away from worrying about keeping your swimming pool safe.