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Quartz Worktops – The Benefits And The Alternatives

Quartz countertops are the fastest growing and most popular type of solid worktop today. A large number of new homes were built with quartz countertops as standard. If you have ever had the privilege of using a quartz countertop, you will now see the amazing benefits of a kitchen countertop made of natural materials with very strong properties.

Quartz countertops consist of at least 93% quartz crystals, the remaining 7% containing resins and binders, as well as additional materials added for decoration. There is one of the best quartz worktops near me at make your kitchen looks extraordinary.

In some cases, this can be the pigment that stains the table with a certain color. This creates a very attractive finish, but still retains the distinctive look of the natural material. Quartz kitchen countertops are increasingly being made from additives such as small metal or mirror stains.

Metal scales create a brilliant effect that shines beautifully and has a stunning effect on the overall look of the kitchen. By including mirror specks in the manufacturing process, the finished worktop has a highly reflective effect and captures light in countless ways, creating a dazzling finish.

One of the advantages of making quartz countertops this way is that the color and effect flow through the entire table, unlike the veneer panels which can quickly peel, crack, or exposing a slightly ugly and certainly unsanitary surface underneath.

In terms of flexibility, durability, and visual appearance, quartz countertops are sure to accentuate any area and are the ideal solution for anyone looking to create a kitchen that successfully combines functionality and style.