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Know About Successful Skills Assessment

In order to do a successful skills assessment, it’s important to know your organization's skill needs first. As an HR professional, you’ll be in the best position to assess these needs, but it might also be a good idea to have the help of the entire workforce. If they don't know what skills they need, then nobody will.

So get together with a cross-section of your employees and see what they think is needed. A survey can be easily filled out and if enough people are involved then this can also serve as a great way of bringing all employees on board with the assessment process itself, by showing them that their input is valued. You can also know more about assessment tests by visiting

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The big questions that must be asked

  • What skills are needed for the position?
  • How can potential candidates demonstrate those skills?
  • What type of assessment tools or methods can be used to measure those skills?
  • How can potential candidates show they possess the skills and/or necessary experience?
  • For what period of time is the position needed?
  • What type of training will be given?
  • What are the expectations for employees on the job?
  • What are you planning to do to support your employees throughout the process of finding a new employee?"

"In an employment context, this means that a potential employer needs to take an open-minded, unbiased look at all prospective candidates regardless of race, gender, religion, age or any other demographic that may play into hiring decisions."

"Prospective employers need to know how many and which types of opportunities are available in order to evaluate candidates equally despite their backgrounds." 

By creating a diverse and inclusive culture, you can attract and retain top talent from all backgrounds and bring more resources to your bottom line.