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Kids Shoes – Making The Right Selection

Newborn/Infants Shoes

For babies, the main reason to wear shoes is to keep their feet cozy and comfortable. Secondly to make them look attractive. All shoes for infants are soft-soled and are made of breathable material.

For winter-time wear outdoors, Boots are designed with the largest opening (almost as big as a paper bag) which means that children's feet are able to easily slip into them with no hassles of bent or twisting the feet like with other boots. You can also look for the best quality vans infant shoes by searching the web. 

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Infants/Crawler's Shoes

For children who are more active wearing soft-sole footwear, staying in their shoes (whether in the stroller or while crawling) could be some challenge. 

The innovative elastic ankle systems enable shoes to slip on easily and remain in place. But, they're not too tight, like other brands that often create painful red marks or indentations on the feet of those with sensitive feet.

Early Walkers Shoes

In a matter of minutes, children begin to move from crawling to cruising (the first steps, while holding on to furniture, etc.) before taking their first tentative steps. 

According to medical experts around the world, soft-soled shoes are vital for optimal foot development and growth throughout this time and beyond. All of our shoes and slippers have soft soles.