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Host a Successful Fundraising Event with Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable rentals can be a great way to raise money for your school or organization. Inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable sumo wrestling, and inflatable bungee ball are all possible to set up and take down a carnival. 

These are some tips and tricks to help you plan an unforgettable event.

Book your inflatable rental: Either charge admission at the door, or you can sell tickets for various inflatable games and activities. You should look for an inflatable rental vendor that has a wide selection of equipment. You can also search online for inflatable games for rent for parties.

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Choose a range of activities and games that appeal to different types of guests. While some people enjoy the quieter, more intimate activities such as the inflatable human sphere, others like to compete with each other in games like inflatable gladiator jousting. 

Here is a list with a few options for inflatable games, sorted by the preference of activity:

Inflatable Obstacle Races: Participants will be able to climb walls, crawl through tunnels, tubes and race down slides with a friend during an obstacle course race. 

Boxing: Participants use huge inflatable gloves to try and knock their opponent out in an inflatable boxing ring. To attract attention, find a volunteer who has a great sense of humor and narrates the match using a microphone.

Inflatable sumo wrestles Two competitors are wearing a large inflatable sumo suit and trying to overthrow each other. A referee should be present and can help players change into their suits.