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Classical Statues For Women: A Glimpse Into History

Classical statues of women depict various goddesses and women of various historical periods. These statues often show the artist's interpretation of a woman's beauty, strength, and intellect. 

The popularity of classical statues for women can be attributed to their timeless appeal, as well as their ability to represent femininity in a unique way. You can find the best classical statues of women via

classical statues of women

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The Woman in Classical Sculpture

Classical statues of women are a glimpse into history. These sculptures were made in the classical era, which was from the 7th century BC to the 4th century AD.

During this time, women were treated as second-class citizens and were not allowed to participate in civic life or hold office. However, due to their artwork, classical statues of women are now some of the most revered sculptures in the world.

One of the first classical statues for women was The Venus de Milo, which was created around 100 BC. This statue is of a young woman with a muscular body and is one of the most famous sculptures in the world. Due to its beauty and historical significance, The Venus de Milo has been exhibited at many museums around the world.

Other classical statues for women include The Niobe, which dates back to 300 BC and is made from bronze; The Arethusa, which was created around 280 BC and is made from marble; and The Laocoön and His Sons, which was created around 260 BC and is made from marble.