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Choosing The Right Kennel For Your Pet In Canada

To choose the best dog center, you should first ask your vet or other trusted animal care provider for recommendations, then do a little research and ask lots of questions. Therefore, make sure that the kennel you choose has received a government certificate proving that it meets the required standards.

Once you've narrowed down your search, make an appointment to visit the kennel and pay close attention to your dog's special needs to make sure he can accommodate you. You can also search online for the best and most comfortable kennels for dogs via to give your dog all the care and joy possible.

Then look for the following:

Does the facility look and smell clean? Is there adequate ventilation and light? Is a comfortable temperature maintained? Do the staff know and care? Do pets need to know about their vaccines, including Bordetella? Does each dog have the right size for a run or an indoor and outdoor training schedule?

Are the slopes protected from the weather? Are there bins or rest boards for dogs to lay on the concrete? How often do pets eat and can you provide your own food? What veterinary services are offered? Do they dispense drugs and is there a fee?

Are there other services such as make-up or training? Is there a canine expert who can effectively assess a dog's body language and safely exclude dogs with aggressive or reactive tendencies when dogs are allowed to play in groups?