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Ceramic Tile Installation for Beginners

If you’ve never tried laying ceramic tiles but want to know how to do it yourself, there are a few important things to keep in mind, as well as proper precautions to take during operation. You can also find the best tile design and installation service through the internet.

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Ceramic is one of the most common household materials for floors, walls and ceilings and is a wonderful material that can be used in many other jobs. The colors and styles available today make it a very popular choice for many, but it should be borne in mind that if installed incorrectly, it can crack and break.

There are a variety of materials that you will need for ceramic tile installation, whether it is flooring or walls. Consider the following tools and materials before you begin:


The sub-floor is a layer that is placed directly under the ceramic tiles. For areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, choosing a cement-based foundation is best because it matches the humidity.


Always measure a good area to work on before buying tiles, as this will help you determine exactly how much you will need. It is very important to buy all your tiles to keep all the designs and colors in the same batch number.