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Why Is DNA Testing Important in Ireland?

Thanks to the scientific research of James Watson and Francis Crick, published in an article in 1953, we can find a lot of information about our origins, our genetic relationships, and our susceptibility to various hereditary health conditions.

Their discovery was the starting point for DNA research, which is still providing new insights and information more than half a century later. The growth and development of medical science in the treatment of hereditary diseases is one of the most important advantages.If you are looking for the services of  professional paternity test in Ireland visit 

DNA testing

While many of us are aware that certain conditions in our family history are carried from generation to generation, such as susceptibility to heart disease, for example, there are circumstances that keep others unaware of their family's trends.

DNA testing is increasingly being used to resolve personal and legal disputes, but also by those interested in ancestry to learn more about their lineage.

The test can be performed on samples from father and son or mother and child, and the results provide information that indicates a high or low probability of genetic linkage.


Nowadays, getting a DNA test is easy and there is no need to visit a DNA testing lab. For example, a DNA testing laboratory in Delhi receives samples from its testing centers across Ireland and other parts of the world. It is even possible to provide samples with a home collection kit.

The time it takes to complete the test and process the results may vary depending on the type of information requested, but results are on average available within 15 days of receiving the sample.