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What Makes A Good Web Development Company

The world of web development is still very misunderstood. We've even heard people call it "dark art." If you need help turning your ideas and designs into a quality website or web application, then how do you know who to trust to do it? You can also choose best web development company via

The purpose of this post is to provide some key points about what makes a good web development company and to help you understand the types of questions you need to ask a developer.

 This will be a very suspicious post and we don't apologize for it. If you disagree with something, we are sure to be ready to discuss it further.

 Now let's move on to publishing. Below are the main areas we will look at and what to look for in a web development company.

  •  Development possibilities on the front and back
  • Don't specialize in back-end technology
  • You need to follow best practices
  • Understand the marketing strategy for the project
  • Invest time in research and development
  • There is a rigorous testing process, including automated testing
  • Flexible for change
  • Use source control

We do not sign ideas for developers engaged in front-end development and for developers who are in back-end development. This is the equivalent of a plumber who simply installs the plumbing and abandons other people's bathroom, shower, sink and toilet installations.