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Treatment For Gum Disease With A Laser Rather Than A Scalpel

Dentistry is changing phenomenally with the advent of laser-assisted treatments such as the Laser-Assisted New Fixation Technique (LANAP). Until a few years ago, laser treatments for gum disease were not widely recognized by periodontists. With today's advances in technology and the development of laser treatment methods, most dentists and specialists are giving up the use of old scalpels and conventional treatment methods for the treatment of periodontal disease or gum disease.

If you have gum disease and are looking for a periodontist, it is a good idea to see if they proposed laser-assisted treatment or if you are satisfied with a scalpel. Here are some reasons describes from this useful resource why you should choose laser treatment when looking for a periodontist.

Traditional vs Laser Gum Disease Treatment Onalaska WI, Gholson Group Periodontics

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Laser-assisted gum disease treatment is a relatively comfortable exercise. Periodontists have the luxury of using live 3D images on a computer to assess and diagnose the intensity of specific cases of gum disease and obtain appropriate assistive treatment that is ideal for patients. Mild gum disease and severe infections require a different type of laser procedure.

The pain associated with laser treatment is relatively insignificant if we consider the old method with a scalpel. The disadvantage of a scalpel is that the cavities become rough and even the pain after treatment is considered by conventional methods. With laser treatment, this aspect of pain is nearly impossible.

Bleeding associated with scalpel care depending on the intensity of the infection. LANAP, used by periodontists, does not cause bleeding at any stage of treatment.