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How to Become a Security Guard in Dallas

The security guards industry is a rapidly growing profession in America. The total number of security personnel actually combat law enforcement officials with a broad margin. And with increasing concerns about terrorism after an attack on the World Trade Center building in 2001, demand for protection services by private industries, and in the public sector, have never been bigger.

Security guards in America have also seen rapid gains in their duties in recent years. Many of them actually do a task similar to the police. And they often help in supporting services that were previously handled by traditional law enforcement agencies. You can go to this site for hiring the best security guard nearby you.

The use of armed patrols to protect the main infrastructure has also seen a quick increase in recent years. Government buildings, military bases, armored car transportation, banks, nuclear power plants and casinos are just a few areas where armed security personnel are in a larger request.

But most security guards in America did not carry firearms. To carry firearms, many additional permissions and training courses are usually needed. However, this policy varies from state to country.

In California, for example, all applicants must get a license from the security and investigation service bureau which is part of the California consumer affairs department. You must be 18 years old or more and asked to submit to a thorough criminal background examination through the Ministry of Justice California and the Federal Investigation Bureau.

But to become an armed security guard in Pennsylvania all applicants must complete a 40-hour course that includes instructions on the shooting range. The test range includes a pistol training with ammunition greater than 380acp and instructions on how to use a rifle. After completion, permission to bring firearms when employed as security guards are issued and must be extended every five years.