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Buy Kugoo S1 Plus Scooter

The main model of the Kugoo S1 scooter was very popular with the low price, which makes the electric scooter more affordable for the general public. However, due to several shortcomings, this scooter is condemned by many people. The successor this time comes in the form of the Kugoo S1 Plus scooter which promises to eliminate the main shortcomings of the older version.

The  Kugoo S1 Plus electric scooter is shipped in a black box with a stamp, which is also in another protective case covered with foil. Inside is the scooter itself, which is immediately ready to ride.

KUGOO S1 PLUS Foldable Electric Scooter - GEEKMAXI.COM

It simply folds up in the box as you can fold it up if you need to carry it by hand. This eliminates the need for additional spare parts assembly. All you need to do is take the scooter out of the box, slide the handlebars into position, and raise the entire handlebars to a vertical position.

Therefore, no screws or wrenches are required for assembly in the package, which is a pity as not all screws are tightened sufficiently. Apart from scooters, you will only find quick guides and chargers here. The packaging is very simple and contains only the complete base. At least the presence of a spare screw is sufficient.

At first glance, the overall construction of this scooter looks very powerful and sturdy. Its total weight is 12.5 kg, which is slightly lower than its main competitor in the form of a Xiaomi scooter. Most parts are made of metal or hard plastic, which also works well.

Since the scooter has solid rubber tires (without the tube), it is necessary to have sprung for riding comfort. At the bottom, you can see the classic shock absorbers with springs, in the front the springs are hidden under the cover.