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Buying Eco-friendly Organic Cotton T-Shirts Online

Wearing a t-shirt that feels so soft is probably the one thing everyone would really like to experience. However, there are so many people who are now aware of the importance of eco-friendly organic cotton t-shirts.

 The production of organic cotton does not pollute the environment. Organic cotton plants take a lot of nutrients to create the adequate amount of cotton necessary for the production of t-shirts. You can purchase eco-friendly cotton t-shirts via


To meet the cotton requirements, large farms use lots of fertilizer. The use of pesticides can help temporarily ensure that pests don't infect cotton fields. But after prolonged use, pests and weeds develop a certain immunity from these types of chemicals, warranting additional amounts to be used afterward. Once pesticides or fertilizers are used, the amount used will simply increase over time.

Apart from the use of harmful chemicals, cotton fields need plenty of water to grow. You may not know this but to produce 1 pound of cotton demands about 3,500 gallons of water.

While these figures might appear monotonous, there's still a bright side in the manufacture of cotton T-shirts, which is via using organic cotton. Such cotton is grown using natural means such as natural fertilizers instead of artificial fertilizers. They also use organic pesticides that come primarily from plants and are not chemical-based which are often carcinogens.

There have been noteworthy manufacturers that follow natural practices. They are situated in various locations, some of which may be discovered in Australia.