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Which Neon Sign Might You Need?

Neon signs are a popular form of advertising, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. If you're considering purchasing a neon sign, you'll want to know the different types so you can choose the one that's right for your business. You can also browse this website to get a custom-led neon light sign online. 

Here are the different types of neon signs: tube, panel, globe, letterhead, and text.

Tube Neon Signs: These signs are made from a long, narrow tube of neon light. They're typically used in businesses with a high foot traffic volume or those that need to be seen from a distance.

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Panel Neon Signs: These signs are made from several panels of neon light. They're ideal for businesses with a low foot traffic volume or those that want to keep their logo discreet.

Globe Neon Signs: Globe neon signs are shaped like a ball and are used mainly in advertising campaigns targeting tourists.

Letterhead Neon Signs: These signs are made from simple sheets of paper with a neon logo printed on them. They're perfect for small businesses or startups who don't want to invest too much money in their signage.

Different Neon Signs Suppliers:

1) Storefront neon signs are the most common type of neon sign and are used in retail businesses. They are made to be mounted on the exterior of the store and can typically be seen from a distance.

2) Commercial neon signs are used in businesses that serve a wide range of customers, such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels.