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Best Time Of Year To Grow Cannabis In Your Yard

Best Time for Planting Cannabis Outdoors

Determining which is the best time of year for planting cannabis outdoors relies on the precipitation levels in the planting garden, the outside temperature while the plant is in the ground, or the exact coordinates of the garden itself.

Just like planting too early in the year can harm the plant, so can late planting, as the plant needs time to go through the entire growth cycle before temperatures drop. On a general note, it’s best to plant cannabis sometime in the middle of May. You can try cannabis from for any kind of stress and pain relief. 

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Watering the Plants

One of the main benefits of growing plants outdoors is that they get rain and groundwater to aid their growth. However, watering the plants during the hot months of summer is almost mandatory, especially if you live in an area where it doesn’t rain all that often.

An adult cannabis plant may need up to 10 gallons of water daily, which means that the most efficient way to water it is with a garden hose. 

If your garden is expanded over a larger area, you will need an expandable hose or a hose reel to make the watering process smoother. You can buy the right garden hose reel online or visit your local gardening/home improvement store.

Ideal Soil Conditions

The best type of soil for cannabis plants is silty soil. It can quickly retain heat when needed, is easy to work with, and retains just the right amount of moisture, draining any excess water that the roots don’t need. It’s also rich in nutrients, and it doesn’t require a lot of intervention on your behalf.