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Consider These Factors When Booking An Eastwood Airport Taxi

If you're deciding on the method of transport to and to the airport. There are a few things to consider. Consideration of these factors can be the difference between a stressful experience and a pleasant, affordable trip.

There are a variety of options for public transport, however, let's face it… it's not feasible. With all your luggage and the tight schedule to get there not possible, this is impossible. Another option is "ride-sharing". You can even visit to book Eastwood taxis.

There are many alternatives and they look appealing and practical however, they are only initially. It is when you take into consideration the reliability, safety, and price of the ride.

Airport Cab Costs

Although the cost isn't necessarily the main aspect to consider when making this choice, however, it's still important. The price of a "ride-sharing" alternative like Uber and Lyft will typically depend on demand and can rise up to three or two times more during rush hour. If your flight leaves or arrives at peak times it will cost you significantly higher rates.

Our more conventional Airport Taxi & Limousine Service offers flat rates and will not make a last-minute surprise for you regardless of the traffic.

Quality and reliability of Service

Many users are not conscious of is that on top of the above, "ride-sharing" drivers are not covered under the same comprehensive insurance that every Airport taxi has. 

If an accident does occur and it is more likely with an Uber than in a taxi in the beginning it is possible that you will be uninsured and have to negotiate legal responsibilities with the driver who is as amazed just like you.