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What Is The Difference Between Ironing & Pressing Clothes?

We all love a good ironing service, but sometimes we need to take care of it ourselves. Discover here what's involved in this process and how you can get the best out of your manual laundry.

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What is the Difference Between Ironing

When it comes to clothes, there are two types of ironing: pressing and flat-ironing.

Pressing is when you use the steam from the iron to press the fabric together. This is the most common type of ironing, and it’s used for things like shirts and dresses.

Flat-ironing is when you use a hot, metal iron to smooth out the wrinkles in the fabric. This is usually done on clothes that are less wrinkled, like pants or skirts.

There are a few different types of pressing, but they all have one thing in common: they heat up the fabric so that the steam can work its magic. Flat-ironing works a little differently. Instead of using heat, you use pressure to smooth out the fabric. That’s why it’s sometimes called “permanent press”.

The main difference between pressing and flat-ironing is how long it takes to do the job. Pressing takes longer because you need to steam the fabric first before you can start pressing it with the iron. Flat-ironing takes less time because you just use the heat from the

Here are five benefits of ironing that you may not have considered before:

1. It Wrings Out Fabric Clothes – Ironing presses the water out of the fabric, which effectively removes wrinkles.

2. It Prevents Pilling – Ironing smooths out the fabric surface and stops pills from forming.

3. It Keeps Clothing From Fading – Ironed fabrics hold their color better than those that haven't been ironed.

4. It Reduces Sweating – When clothing is pressed, sweat is trapped in the fabric and less is released during exercise or activity.

5. It Improves Appearance – A properly-ironed garment looks cleaner, sharper, and more professional.


Ironing can be a tedious task, but it's one that is essential for keeping your clothes looking their best. By ironing the wrong areas of your clothes, you can actually create wrinkles in the fabric which will eventually show through.