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Is Black Tea Good For Your Heart?

Many people die each year due to heart diseases and strokes than any other condition. The most tragic part is that the majority of causes of heart disease are avoidable. Although it is true that genetics play a role in heart disease, however, lifestyle plays a crucial role for the majority of people.

A diet that is high in cholesterol and fats could lead to heart diseases. So, limiting your consumption of these food items is crucial in ensuring the health of your heart. 

Be sure to include tea in your diet. Numerous studies have proven that tea's antioxidants have a positive effect on the health of your heart. One research stated that black tea was associated with dilation of the arteries as well as blood vessels that support the heart. If you want to buy fresh black tea, then you can browse the web.

black tea

The study concluded that participants who took tea daily had significantly better endothelial function when compared to those who took hot water instead. Therefore, tea is an excellent addition to your daily diet for heart health.

Also, exercise is among the most crucial ways you can improve overall health and especially the health of your heart. Exercise is a great way to control the levels of cholesterol, insulin levels as well as blood pressure. In addition, regular exercise helps keep your weight under control. At minimum thirty minutes of exercise, 3-5 times per week.

Make sure you keep active, stay away from harmful foods, and eat plenty of lean proteins and antioxidant high-quality vegetables and fruits. Don't forget to have a cup or two of tea along with your nutritious food choices!