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Why Is Whiskey Casks Gaining Popularity?

What is whiskey with a cask and why is it becoming more and more popular these days? – Draft whiskey refers to whiskey straight out of a cask or gelatin. It is a container where secondary fermentation takes place. 

How is whiskey manipulated? Let's take a look at the situation – Whiskey barrels are usually hand pumped and no gas is injected into the casks to improve the whiskey quality over time or to make it easier to pump out of the tap. 

Why Is Whiskey Casks Gaining Popularity?

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You will also find that there are no additives and low carbonation in whiskey casks. Because it is stored in the barrel, it has the opportunity to develop more character and flavor. Yeast lives too long – cask boiling is not pasteurized and is not usually filtered.

Because the yeast in lime is kept alive, they actually provide natural carbonic acid for the drink. The biggest problem with boiling a cask is that it doesn't last long. Since it's not pasteurized, it starts to break down faster. 

This means it doesn't deliver as well as barrels and you have fewer options when you want to enjoy it. If you decide to test the whiskey, make sure the whiskey is served cold and the beer tastes carbonated. Cask cuisine offers great taste and aroma and is certainly a big change for those who are used to barrels and bottles.