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Significance and Processes Involved In Agricultural Seed Production

Seed is one of the most important and critical raw materials for agricultural production. Agricultural production depends on the quality of the seeds used for cultivation. The agricultural industry in India has experienced significant development over the last thirty years.

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Onion seed production

The country produces various types of vegetable seeds and cereals using technologically advanced methods. Shallots are one of the vegetable crops that are widely used and in demand in both national and international markets. The need for quality shallot seeds is very important to increase the production of this valuable and indispensable vegetable.

Process involved

There are a number of seed producers and suppliers that guarantee the production of high quality seeds for better crop production. The seeds are collected using technologically advanced methods to ensure a quality product. Seeds collected for commercial purposes are processed, packaged and shipped to various parts of the world.

During cleaning, the seeds are separated from residues, aggregates, impurities, etc. The whole cleaning process includes threshing, cleaning, visual inspection, final cleaning and quality control tests.

The next step is to dry the seeds to reduce the moisture content. The seeds are then packaged after several quality checks.