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Motorised Treadmills – A Summary Of The Pros And Cons

Like motorised treadmills have their advantages. The primary advantage of motorised treadmills is that they save you time and energy. They are a more efficient way of working out. They provide the user with a great cardiovascular workout. Also, they provide the user with more flexibility in terms of speed and incline. The downside of motorised treadmills is that they cost more than treadmills without motorization.

Unlike motorised treadmills the power of a conventional running machine is directly driven by a motor. Instead, your feet pushing against the ground exerts a forward force which drives the running belt through the roller tracks on the treadmill. This creates a 'cadential' force that results in a smoother belt ride. The side-effect of smoother belt ride is that your workout intensity can be enhanced if your treadmill is running at slower speeds. The other obvious effect is that when you slow down your belt slows also. As a result of this the distance travelled by your treadmill over a workout period is less.

However, if your goals include health and fitness, then the main disadvantage of motorised treadmills is that it is difficult to use and maintain. You must have good physical fitness and also be able to pay close attention to precise movements of your legs on the motorised treadmills. This is far from easy for most of us.

The other big disadvantage of motorised treadmills is that you can only exercise using one arm at a time. You have to lift your leg after pushing the machine and then lower it. For some people, this is not difficult, but it's not easy enough to make any progress with cardiovascular training or stamina building. In addition, the effort involved can be considerable.

The final category relates to the level of user friendliness available with motorised treadmills. They are bulky and heavy. The motor is placed directly underneath the large, cast frame. Because the motor is so powerful, it makes the entire unit much heavier and larger than a standard manual running machine. Because it is so large and heavy, the motor must support the weight as well, which adds even more weight to the machine and increases the likelihood of it breaking down.

Another thing that tends to conspire against motorised treadmills is their price. Because of the degree of innovation and technology found in their construction, they tend to be substantially more expensive than treadmills with a similar specification. This might not matter to some, but it does matter to others. For instance, those who have used motorised treadmills on a budget find themselves much happier and motivated to use them, because their costs aren't so high.