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Luxury Portable Toilets Are Necessary Amenities

It is important to take care of the biological needs of all participants and guests when you plan a major sporting event, festival, or another type of competition. People who have hosted similar events before will tell you that renting luxury portable restrooms is the best option. There are many options available for these facilities. It is worth looking at the different sizes and finding out where you will place your luxury movable restrooms in Australia.

Portable Toilet-Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

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Smaller Trailer Designs:

Men's toilets are easy to install and can be set up in no time. The private bathroom for women includes a sink and a flushing commode. All sinks are equipped with hot and cold water. The smaller trailers have low-level exterior lighting and a bathroom for both men and women. Heating and air conditioning are available on request. Some trailers also have a 20-amp outlet as well as a garden hose connection. These restrooms also offer safety-backed glass mirrors and 600+ gallon waste tanks.

Larger Trailer Designs:

If you decide to upgrade, there are many larger rental options. For example, a 10-trailer layout would have two bathrooms for men. Each bathroom has two separate buildings, flush facilities, two sinks, and three urinals. Private facilities for women have five flush toilets and two sinks. Similar to their smaller counterparts the available sinks provide hot and cold running water. They also have a standard garden-hose hookup. 

Placement of the Portable Toilets:

As you can see you must make decisions based on the type and number of attendees. You will also need to think about where the portable toilets are going to be placed. You should ensure that they are not too distracting from the main activities. You will need to provide a diagram showing where each bathroom will be located when you contact the rental company.