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Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9

The chemical structure of delta-8 and delta-9 is similar, meaning that they could have similar chemical properties as well as effects on the body. This has actually been proven to be true.

Delta-8's effects are much less powerful than delta 9. Delta 8 can make you feel "high" and may have similar therapeutic effects to THC. The double bond is located in the chemical structures of their chemical structures. This location has been thought to be mostly responsible for the feelings of being “high.”

THC is less stable than delta-8 due to the small differences in their structures. This makes it more potent and reactive in the body. This is also why both molecules interact differently to the endocannabinoid, the system within the body that interacts directly with cannabinoids.

To fully understand the relationship between delta-8 and the rest of our bodies, further research is needed. 

Does it get you ‘high’?

The short answer is yes, delta-8 can get you high — just not to the same degree as regular THC would. Some people may use delta-8 as a way to have a THC-like experience. Anecdotal evidence supports that the high from delta-8 is a smoother, milder high rather than the more intense one from THC.