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Dealing With Drainage Problems at Home

The most common problem with drainage problems is a clogged sink or tub. First, check if only one sink or other fitting is affected. If more than one is clogged, your problem is with the underground or sewer system, not the sink or bathroom. In this case, you will need to contact a plumber or a professional sewer cleaning company to inspect and clean the pipes.

Freeze traps in winter prevent the water from drying out. Gently melt with a hairdryer or use a cloth dampened in hot water. If ice isn't the problem, suspect the trap is clogged with kitchen debris, hair, or other household debris. You can hire the best exterior drain unblocker services to unblock the damaged drains at your home.

The first step is to use the plunger by squeezing it firmly and pumping it up and down rapidly about a dozen times. Pull to open the seal, then repeat pumping until the sink is empty.

If the plunger does not unlock the sink or bowl, remove the trap or open the access plug. Make sure there is a large bucket under the outlet pipe before opening the trap and use a piece of wire or a stick to clean the pipes on both sides of the trap. Rinse the hose or bottle trap thoroughly, then replace.

Turn on the faucet and if the water doesn't flow, the blockage should be outside the siphon. Use a flexible metal snake or cleaning wand that you can rent from your local shop. However, in most cases, it is advisable to hire a specialist company to clean the sewer. You can purchase caustic soda-based wastewater purification chemicals.