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Cloud PBX – SMS and Faxing

Apart from the already many features of cloud PBX via MyRepublic Business Solutions dedicated for calling there are also other communication features that innovates traditional means of communication and like its siblings from the calling department features like faxing and SMS are also cost effective and will help improve the overall performance of your business and customer service mechanism.


Faxing is indeed an important aspect of any business, you need to be able to send and receive hard copies of file such as bills, invoices, contracts and many more. However traditional means of faxing do have a drawback and that is accessibility.

You won’t be able to go over your fax at home, while driving or anywhere else and you have to wait until you’re in the office. However this is about to change, cloud PBX service providers offer a service called fax to email and by the name of it is blatant what it does.

By receiving and sending fax via email accessibility issues will be a thing of the past, this means that you go over important files either from your home computer and even handhelds using Wi-Fi or 4g services.

The best part is you need not need to change your number, you can port out virtually any number from one Telecommunications Company to the other be it for calling or facing. Additionally by sending and receiving fax via email you are doing your part in helping save the environment. Less paper equates to lesser tree cut and waste.