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A Guide to Local Chinese Dumplings You Can Eat

The Chinese food scene is a booming industry, with more and more people enjoying the various kinds of dumplings that this cuisine offers each year. Here's a guide to identifying which dumplings should be on your next order! 

These dumpling & wonton in Formosa Asian Market at Framingham, MA come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are filled with meat and vegetables depending on the type of dumpling. You can get them fried or boiled. There are even dessert dumplings that have custard in them like baozi or jiaozi. 

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Chinese New Year is a time for celebrating and eating dumplings so don't miss out on these traditional treats! Chinese dumplings are a type of unleavened dough that is filled with a mixture of meat, seafood, vegetables, or seasonings.  

These dumplings are boiled and then fried or steamed in order to cook them. They are typically served in soup or broth and may be eaten by hand or with chopsticks. Chinese dumplings come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.  

The two most common types of Chinese dumplings are the boiled or steamed dough-based ones and the fried dough-based ones. The other type of Chinese dumpling is a meatball wrapped in bean curd skin. 

The best way to eat a Chinese dumpling is to use your fingers. You can also use chopsticks, but you will have to do more work and it might be difficult if the dumpling has a lot of sauce on it. It's best to put the filling in your mouth and then put the wrapper over it.