Update: Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Over Templeton Rye Whiskey

I previously wrote about a complaint filed in Illinois state court on September 9, 2014, that alleged that Templeton Rye’s engaged in deceptive marketing by claiming that its namesake rye whiskey is “Made in Iowa” using small-scale production methods and is produced pursuant to “a prohibition-era whiskey recipe.”  Plaintiff alleged that, contrary to these representations, the whiskey is actually mass produced and aged in Indiana using a stock recipe” and “the only activity that occurs in Iowa is the emptying of the barrels and the filling of the bottles….”

The Des Moines Register is now reporting that a settlement was reached that “requires the company to change labeling on its bottles and the language on its website” and also “requires Templeton Rye to set aside a cash pool that could be used to refund customers who bought bottles of the whiskey.”

Templeton Rye’s website presently states that the product is “based on” a prohibition-era recipe and there is no reference to the product being “Made in Iowa.”  These changes will no doubt carry over to the product’s label which will likely state that the product is “Distilled in Indiana” and “Bottled” and/or “Produced in Iowa.”

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