UPDATE: Crown Royal / Diageo Claims Victory in TM Battle Against “Crown Club” Whisky

I previously wrote about an impending trial over trademark infringement and unfair competition claims asserted by Diageo North America, Inc., which owns the Canadian whisky brand “Crown Royal,” against Mexcor, Inc. and EJMV Investments, LLC., who market allegedly confusing Canadian whisky under numerous brands that use the term “Crown,” including Texas Crown Club, Florida Crown Club and South Carolina Crown Club.  On December 16th, the jury reached a verdict and Diageo North America is claiming victory.

According to Nicole D’Amato, Diegeo North America’s Director and Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property:

We are pleased that the jury agreed with us that Mexcor has been confusing our consumers and diluting the strength of our Crown Royal brand, and that they will now have to change their name and packaging.

We are also gratified that the jury has backed up their verdict by awarding damages to Diageo.

We take the protection of our brands and intellectual property extremely seriously and will work diligently to protect them.

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