Trader Joe’s Settles “All Natural” Lawsuit for $3.4 Million

A federal judge has preliminarily approved a settlement in a class-action lawsuit in which Trader Joe’s was accused of falsely advertising certain cookies, cinnamon roles, “fresh pressed” apple juice and other products as “all-natural” when they contained ascorbic acid, potassium carbonate in the form of cocoa processed with alkali, vegetable mono and diglycerides, xanthan gum, and/or sodium acid pyrophosphate, all of which plaintiffs alleged are synthetic.

Notably, plaintiffs cited the following statement in their Complaint that had been on the FAQ section of the Trader Joe’s website.

If you see Trader Joe’s on a label, then you can know that the product contains NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives; NO genetically modified ingredients; NO MSG; and NO added Trans Fats. What does it contain?  Quality

Under the proposed settlement, Trader Joe’s will establish a settlement fund of $3.375 million from which class member may receive payment for the average price of the purchased goods.  Trade Joe’s has also agreed to stop advertising the products as “all-natural.”

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