Monkey Nuts! – Clear Bags of Peanuts Pulled in UK for Not Warning They Contain Peanuts

Chalk this one up to regulation conformity winning  over common sense.   According to the BBC, the UK’s Food Standards Agency  “issued an allergy alert saying the presence of peanuts was not declared on Booths’ own brand packets of monkey nuts.”  Monkey nuts is the name used in the UK for shelled peanuts.   And the product at issue was a clear bag of  “monkey nuts.”  Because the presence of peanuts was not declared on a clear package of shelled peanuts, the Booth’s supermarket chain recalled the product and issued a notice to its customers who might suffer from a specific peanut allergy.  Call me crazy, but displaying actual peanuts as the sole product being purchased seems like a far better allergen warning than any label that might accompany that product.  Then again, there’s always a slippery slope when regulations are applied differently to some products as compared to others.

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