Lawyers From Suits Against Big Tobacco Target Food Makers


The New York Times has an excellent article on some of the lawyers who are filing suits against the food industry after having success with similar suits against big tobacco.  The following cuts to the heart of the matter and relates to many of the posts from this blog:

More than a dozen lawyers who took on the tobacco companies have filed 25 cases against industry players like ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo, Heinz, General Mills and Chobani that stock pantry shelves and refrigerators across America.   The suits, filed over the last four months, assert that food makers are misleading consumers and violating federal regulations by wrongly labeling products and ingredients.  While there has been a barrage of litigation against the industry in recent years, the tobacco lawyers are moving particularly aggressively.  ….

“It’s a crime — and that makes it a crime to sell it,” said Mr. Barrett, citing what he contends is the mislabeling of those products. “That means these products should be taken off the shelves.”

Please read the entire article here.


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