NY Times: “Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food”

Today’s New York Times includes an excellent story on the “Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food.”  As the article notes:

Regulators and many scientists say [GMO ingredients] pose no danger. But as Americans ask more pointed questions about what they are eating, popular suspicions about the health and environmental effects of biotechnology are fueling a movement to require that food from genetically modified crops be labeled, if not eliminated.

Although GMO labeling bills are percolating in several state legislatures,  the most significant “battle” is the upcoming ballot initative in California, discussed in a prior post.  Significantly:

Biotechnology companies say that the California labeling initiative, while portrayed as promoting consumer choice, is really an effort by some consumer and environmental groups and organic food growers to drive genetically modified foods off the market.

“These folks are trying to use politics to do what they can’t accomplish at the supermarket, which is increase market share,” said Cathleen Enright, an executive vice president at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, which represents Monsanto and DuPont.

Persons on the other side of the issue, of course, assert that they just want “transparency” in the food system in light of potential health and environmental concerns. 

Please see the complete article here.

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