Does Better Nutritional Labeling Impact Obesity Levels? Maybe Not, says Study Published in British Food Journal

New research published in the British Food Journal casts doubt on the benefits of nutritional labeling.  The purpose of such labeling is, of course, to encourage healthy eating habits and decrease obesity.   As reported in FoodNavigator-USA, however, the study notes that American consumers know significantly more about the fat content of foods they buy than consumers in France.  Nevertheless, levels of obesity are three times higher in the USA than in France.  The researchers call into question the focus on the levels of various nutritional components in food and note that consumers might “lose sight of the whole picture” with a better approach being to look at “what constitutes a healthy, complete and balanced meal.”   See Food-Navigator’s full report here.  Given the variety of other factors and cultural differences that can impact obesity, it will be interesting to see additional research on this topic and whether the Facts-up-Front campaign will have any impact on the obesity epidemic.

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